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POLI-FLEX REFLEX ECO COIL (reflective) 50x25
  • POLI-FLEX REFLEX ECO COIL (reflective) 50x25

    • Poli-flex® Coil REFLEX SILVER is a silver-colored transfer film with self-reflective properties.
    • valid for transferring onto textiles such as cotton, polyester / cotton and polyester / acrylic blends.
    • It can be used to label T-shirts, sports and leisure wear, sports bags, and promotional items.
    • This film is composed of microscopic metallized grains laminated to one back with a thermo-adhesive.
    • The transparent polyester backing on the reflective part ensures that the film can be cut with all current plotters.
    • We recommend the use of standard 45 degree blades.
    SKU: REFLEX - 4783
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