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  • ANTI-TEAR FABRIC FOR RIBS (Kernow Coating)

    • SRA-3 box of anti-tear fabric for 103 micron numbers Ref- 100HTNW.
    • Customizable for a wide range of purposes for a different look and finish.
    • Lightweight, packable, opaque white non-woven fabric,
    • Waterproof.
    • Can be sewn to ensure high tear strength, compatibility for most dry toner printing processes (laser / LED / flash fusing), both on small volume, medium volume monochrome and color machines and production machines .
    • It prints best as heavy media.
    • In these types of machines, the user must establish the optimal settings and the path of the paper himself, taking into account the thickness and weight of the material.
    SKU: 100HTNW
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