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METERS POLI-FLEX BLOCKOUT (anti-migration) 50 X 25
  • METERS POLI-FLEX BLOCKOUT (anti-migration) 50 X 25

    • Meters of Poli-flex® Blockout soft of 120 microns.
    • The minimum sales unit is 5 m / lines and their successive multiples.
    • This type of Flex has a “blockout” intermediate layer that provides optimal opacity.
    • It is available in 11 colors. (In stock we only work white)
    • The soft and elastic film offers a pleasant textile feel and is very comfortable to wear.
    • We use a sufficiently thermally activated polyurethane adhesive for lower temperatures, hence the material can be used for polyester fabrics without causing pressure traces.
    • Furthermore, low temperatures affect sublimation resistance positively.
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